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About the Philly Bandits

The upcoming season will be our 25th anniversary. The Philly Bandits Program has taught young players from the Philadelphia area the importance of baseball fundamentals while emphasizing positive attitude, teamwork, intensity and maximum effort.

We recognize and understand that baseball is a great game to learn life lessons and while helping our players develop their baseball instincts is critical, teaching them to respect the game, their teammates, coaches and opponents goes a long way to helping them become productive young men who will be successful in life no matter what they do.

The Program is not for every young player as it requires dedication, a full-time commitment and making the grade in the classroom as well as showing talent on the field. We take academics very seriously and all players must share their grades with the coaches to be eligible to play in the Program. This process has worked very well as over 236 of our former players have played or are currently playing college baseball at all levels. We are also fortunate to have many former and current professional players who began their careers as Philly Bandits.

We have several travel teams of all age groups. These programs were designed to maximize a player’s exposure to both college coaches and pro scouts to help identify opportunities for college scholarships.

Based on the experience over the past 24 years, we believe that younger players must receive more instruction on the fundamentals to help develop their baseball IQ. We will emphasize the need to be excellent students, as establishing strong study habits at a younger age will open many doors for players as they enter high school and begin their college search.

Teaching young players the fundamentals will develop the 6th tool, baseball instincts. Players are often graded on the “5 Tools” – run, throw, hit for average, hit for power and fielding. Baseball instincts can be developed regardless of a player’s talent level and our coaches will work extremely hard to hone the 6th tool with all of our teams, especially at the younger ages.

It is our hope that all of our players will achieve the success that they seek on the field but ultimately our goal is that as a result of their Bandits playing experience, our players will become better people who contribute to the greater community throughout their life.

"By stressing academic excellence and baseball fundamentals, the Bandits prepare players for the next level—whether this includes college baseball or not—these young men learn lessons that prepare them well for the rest of their lives."

— Ruben Amaro Jr.

Stanford University Baseball standout,

Former Major League Player,

Former Vice President & General Manager

Coach for the Boston Red Sox

Currently - Phillies TV Broadcast Analyst - Phillies Baseball